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Welcome to Speeq, the revolutionary open-source application that translates your voice in real-time! Designed to integrate seamlessly with platforms like Discord, Zoom, and more, Speeq aims to break down language barriers and connect the world like never before.

Powered by Advanced AI:

At the core of Speeq is the innovative Meta Seamless AI technology. Although still in development, this feature promises to provide the most accurate and natural-sounding translations. Currently, Speeq supports translations in 5 different languages, with the scope for further expansion.

Contribute & Collaborate:

Speeq is still in its developmental phase, and we're enthusiastic about building a community around it. If you're a developer, linguist, or simply someone with great ideas, we encourage contributions to improve the app's capabilities and reach. Your insights and expertise can help shape the future of live voice translation.

Current Limitations:

UX Challenge:The user experience in its current form might be a tad challenging for the average user. Feedback and suggestions are highly appreciated as we seek to make the interface as intuitive as possible.

Translation Delay:Due to constraints with the free API, users may experience slight delays in the translation process. We're continually working on optimizing this for a smoother experience.

Seamless Development:The Meta Seamless AI module is still under development, and as such, some features might not be fully functional or polished.

Join the Speeq Revolution:

With Speeq, the world becomes a smaller place. Imagine attending meetings, game nights, or seminars without language being an obstacle. The future of communication is here, and it's open-source. Help us realize this vision. Dive in, contribute, and let's make Speeq the voice of the global community!